Lacey’s gift to Michelle: young meat

Lacey’s gift to Michelle: young meat

Lacey’s gift to Michelle: young meat

Lacey's gift to Michelle: young meat meets in this scorching scene featuring two of the most-popular British MILFs in the world: 45-year-old Michelle Thorne and 61-year-old Lacey Starr.

It’s Michelle’s birthday. Both ladies are dressed in sexy outfits (Lacey’s wearing black, Michelle is wearing red). Both are blondes, and they’re both horny. Lacey got Michelle flowers for her birthday, and she also got her something else: a 25-year-old dude with a big cock.

Michelle and Lacey eagerly share his cock, sucking his shaft and balls. Michelle gets to fuck him first, sitting on top of his hard rod, then Lacey gets on all fours and gets fucked from behind while she eats Michelle’s pussy. They go back and forth, sharing that cock, sucking and fucking, until the dude shoots his load all over Michelle’s tits and in her mouth. She is the birthday girl, you know.

Michelle, who’s from Bristol, England, describes herself as “hot, horny and always in the mood for a dirty fuck session!” Sounds about right. She’s been fucking on-camera for over 20 years. She loves hooking up with women and she loves threesomes. She gets both in this scene.

Lacey is a sex therapist and former teacher who said, “I had been enjoying a swinging lifestyle and running adult parties for a few years when I had a chance meeting with a peculiar and somewhat eccentric couple at one of my events. They persuaded me to try webcamming.”

That led to her doing her own website. Now she’s having the time of her life.

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By George, she’s fucking herself!

By George, she’s fucking herself!

By George, she’s fucking herself!

By George, she's fucking herself!

“This is a little toy that my husband bought for me,” 60-year-old wife, mother and granny Cammille Austin says. “I call him George. He’s quite useful, especially if your husband’s gone and you’re lonely. He works very, very good.”

She puts him aside for a little while to show us her tits. They look very nice. They’re big, round, fake tits with pierced nipples. She self-sucks her piercings, pulling on her nipples, then she reaches down to show you her pussy, which is also pierced (and shaved). She bends over and spreads her ass, giving us a peek at her butthole.

Then it’s George’s turn. Cammille sucks George and puts him under her so she can bounce on top of him. George is one lucky toy! She uses the handle on her funky contraption to fuck her cunt as deeply as possible. She cums a few times and turns around so George can fuck her from behind.

If there’s an afterlife, we want to come back as George.

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Cashmere loves her toy

Cashmere loves her toy

Cashmere loves her toy

Cashmere loves her toy

60-year-old divorcee and mom Cashmere looks very elegant. She’s wearing a fancy dress, but then the dress comes off and Cashmere fucks herself with a toy.

Here’s more from our interview with this brunette beauty.

60PlusMILFs: You told us that you’re a swinger. When you’ve been swinging, have you ever run into people you know from your regular life?

Cashmere: No, but there’s this couple that throws some bigger parties, and they happened to be really close neighbors in the neighborhood that I lived in for 20something years, and I was like, “That was my neighborhood. That was where I lived.” That was a little freaky. And I met a couple that lives a street away from me now, and I keep thinking I’m going to run into them at the grocery store. You don’t know who these people are. They could be your next-door neighbors.

60PlusMILFs: How did you end up at 60PlusMILFs?

Cashmere: A man saw my swinging profile online and thought I would be good for this, so I met him for some photographs, and one thing led to another, and here I am!

60PlusMILFs: What was your first thought when he proposed the idea to you?

Cashmere: Well, my first thought was, “This is fake and I don’t even know you and you’re just trying to get to me.” But then we started emailing and he said his wife had done this, and he sent a link to look at her videos.

60PlusMILFs: And she was…

Cashmere: Leah L’Amour! And I did some more searching and I said to him, “Okay, what do I have to do?” And he gave me the synopsis of the whole process, and then I met an amateur photographer who took some test shots, and it was really great. I was very nervous, but he was very, very nice. Nothing other than photos, and he submitted them for me, and the very next day, I got an email from you.

60PlusMILFs: How did you feel when you got that email?

Cashmere: I didn’t think it would happen so fast. I woke up to the email the very next day, and a day and a half after I spoke to your person on the phone, I got an offer to fly out.

60PlusMILFs: How did you feel when you got on the plane?

Cashmere: I was very, very nervous, but the man who took my pictures had said to me, “You will be more comfortable with these people than you were with me.” He put me at ease, but, of course, I was very nervous, but everyone here made me feel comfortable and sexy. It’s been a really good experience.

60PlusMILFs: How’s the sex?

Cashmere: The sex is great!

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Bath time with Katia

Bath time with Katia

Bath time with Katia

Bath time with Katia

“I’m getting even better,” 63-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother Katia said. “I feel better. I feel sexy in my body. I do whatever I please.”

Today, Katia, looking better than ever, takes a bath. She gets her beautiful body all wet and sudsy then uses a shower head to please her pussy. She deep-fingers it and spreads her ass, and we get so see every inch of her.

We asked her if she ever gets recognized from her scenes at and and she said, “Yes, on dating sites. I got recognized one time when I was working years ago, but mostly on dating sites. They say, ‘I recognize you. You’re Katia.’ It’s exciting!”

60Plus MILFs: You’re still living in Birmingham, Alabama. Were you born in Alabama?

Katia: I was.

60Plus MILFs: Alabama football fan?

Katia: Crimson Tide all the way!

60Plus MILFs: You once told us that your sexual fantasy was a four-man gangbang. Has it happened?

Katia: Not yet. I’m still waiting. Two men here is the closest I’ve come.

60Plus MILFs: Well, I’m sure you could arrange it. How do you envision this four-man gangbang happening?

Katia: Probably give them blow jobs. Two are sucking my tits. Another one is fucking my pussy or my ass.

60Plus MILFs: What do you like about giving a blow job?

Katia: I like the way a cock feels in my mouth and the way they feel when I’m giving it to them. I like the sensation of the man cumming in my mouth. That’s why I like blow jobs. I love it!

60Plus MILFs: You are not a spitter, are you?

Katia: No. I’m a swallower.

60Plus MILFs: I bet some guys never get to fucking your pussy because the blow job is so good.

Katia: Well, some guys like that!

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